V. International Philosophy Congress


11-12-13 October 2018
Uludag University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Görükle Campus, Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Congress Center
Bursa / Turkey


The Philosophy Department at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Uludağ University was
established in the academic year 1990-1991 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs
(both MA and PhD.) The department which achieved an honourable status with its young and
dynamic staff among the philosophy departments in Turkey continues to publish Kaygı, the
biannual journal of The Philosophy Department, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Uludağ
University. The Philosophy Department has attained its current position as a result of 25
years-long process during which many professors and lecturers has contributed to its
institutionalization. The Department organized First International Philosophy Congress in
2010 to honour its 20th anniversary. The Second International Philosophy Congress was
organized with the title: “City and Philosophy” on 11-13 October 2012. The Third Congress
(with the title: “Tradition, Democracy and Philosophy”) was held on 23-25 October 2014. The
Forth International Philosophy Congress on the theme of “Poverty, Solidarity and Justice”
was held on 13-15 October 2016. The fifth congress to be held on 11-13 October 2018 is
planned to be on the theme of “War and Peace”.
The congress has been organized to show that philosophy retains its relevance in the
context of today’s events, to provide a ground for thinking about the ways philosophy and
philosopher should cope with the world’s current problems and to generate a broad view of
the concepts of war and peace which are being uttered a good many and irresponsibly
nowadays. Today, when an ordinary man is questioned about his view on war and peace, he
would reply as war being “evil” while peace being “good”. However, “but” will be added to
the reply with reference to “the current condition of the country”, “external forces”, “the
existence of terrorism and the activities of terrorist organizations”, “the permanence of the
land and nation”, “armament or investment for war by other countries” etc., the conditions
that make our investment for war, armament and making war inevitable. Due to such reasons
the peace is laid aside and bugles call for war. Well, is it really the case?
On the other hand, the dramatic increase in the population of the world has resulted in
the expansion of man’s living spaces, the spread of residential areas over vast lands and the
extreme consumption of natural resources like water. Additionally, as the population
increases, other species and the habitat of these species have been destroyed. The rapid
consumption of natural resources and the richness of some countries in natural resources whet
other countries’ appetite. This situation results in conflicts and the eruption of war(s).
Today, in varying ends of the world, small or big scale wars are being experienced. This
geography has been a land of fire for a long time. Wars have changed the geography and
many borders and will probably go on doing so. Due to what have been experienced, people
had to and will leave their homes and native lands. This fact ends up in enormous
humanitarian problems. Among the many problems, the problem of refugees is at the top,
related to which illicit trade in human organs, human trafficking and exploitation of woman
are some. While trying to struggle with these problems, man is investing for war, a condition
which shows the hypocrisy and results in further bigger problems. Peace appears to be
nothing but prate. So, these circumstances necessitate the rethinking of war and peace on a
philosophical ground and coming to terms with the emergent problems. In order to provide an
arena for discussion of all these, we are organizing a conference on the theme of “War and

About the Congress

“War and Peace”
When we look at the update discussions, we recognize war and peace as the concepts
thought, spoken and written every day. In this respect, we come up with speeches and posts
about war and peace on television, in the newspapers and on social media. Some try to
legitimate the war by listing a number of reasons which they provide to justify the act of
killing. Among the reasons for war are the integrity of the country, struggle against terrorism
and colonialism, liberty and independence etc. All of these are of great importance and the
concepts uttered in this context are crucial for the world of man. The widely uttered words
like liberty, independence, colonialism and terror – sometimes utterer by us – are in fact
concepts that require a deep discussion. That’s why these concepts have to be revisited and
thought from different perspectives.
War means the occurrence of a number of destructions in man’s world. The depression
created by war is the cause of irremediable wounds. The families and lives are being
scattered and destroyed. The worst victims of war are children, the old and women. In case of
war, people practice deeds that are “inhumane” or become the victims of such deeds. Perhaps,
war is one of the situations in which the idea of “being human” is examined. Who knows,
maybe, we overestimate the meaning of “being human”.
On the other hand, for those who would like to make war, it is not hard to find necessary
reasons. However, is it really necessary to make war in order to solve the problems? Can’t we
find any other ways to cope with the problems? At this point, can’t we establish permanent
peace to end all wars? Peace looks appropriate for being embraced by many people and
building a ground for living together. Although this is recognized by many, why do people
still prefer to fight? Is war necessary to bring about peace? Is war a solution for the problems
of the world? Why do the states spare big budget for war(s)? Isn’t peace more economical in
this respect? Wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful and inhabitable place if the funds for
war are spent for activities for man carried out in peace and welfare? Can eternal peace be
made possible?
War and peace are two important concepts what we have to face with and to question.
However, this cannot be achieved by vain promises or by the politicians’ use of them as
instruments but by a philosophical perspective. To lay the groundwork for discussion, we
have organized a conference on the theme of “War and Peace”. We argue that the congress
will provide an important view on this subject and a perspective for politics.

Congress Topics

War and Justice

War and Peace

War and Science

War and Gender

War and Democracy

War and Religion

War and Literature

War and Economy

War and Philosophy

War and Health

War and Law

War and the Refugee Problem

War and Freedom

War and Politics

War and Art

War and Colonialism

War and Terrorism

Peace and Justice

Peace and Science

Peace and Gender

Peace and Democracy

Peace and Religion

Peace and Literature

Peace and Economy

Peace and Philosophy

Peace and Law

Peace and Freedom

Peace and Politics

Peace and Art

Death and Life

Keynote Speakers

Honorary Guest
Prof. Dr. Ioanna Kuçuradi
Invited Speakers
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arslan
Prof. Dr.
Closing Speech
Ulrich Glassmann, Flensburg Uni.
Rainer Schäfer, Bonn Uni.


Subscription Information

Congress Language
It’s Turkish and English. Full text papers are supposed to follow The Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition).

Participation Certificate
The certificate will be presented to the registered participants after presentation.

Slide and Technical Facilities
During the presentations of congress barcovision, slide equipment, overhead projector and video facilities will be available. Slides with sequence numbers, CDs including the presenter’s name and surname should be handed in to the officers at least two sessions earlier than the presentation session.

Book of Congress
The congress’ book will be published electronically on the following month after congress.

Registration Fee
100 Euro for Europe; $100 for USA and others, Each ediitonal author $ 50 or Euro

Account Information
İş Bankası Uludağ Üniversitesi Şubesi
IBAN: TR04 0006 4000 0012 2130 2553 97

(Organization committee will provide 2 lunches, 1 dinner, coffee & tea, participant certificate, abstract CD and some other documents.)


Academic Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin BECERMEN
Phone: 0 224 294 1834


Important Dates

Deadline for Abstracts
25 May 2018

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts
04 June 2018

Deadline for Full Text Papers
17 August 2018

Announcement of Congress Program
03 September 2018

Date of Congress
11-12-13 October 2018

Participation Form

 In order to participate the congress, fill out the form and send it to philosophy5@uludag.edu.tr

Please write the abstract between 300 and 500 words and key-words.