About the Congress

“War and Peace”
When we look at the update discussions, we recognize war and peace as the concepts
thought, spoken and written every day. In this respect, we come up with speeches and posts
about war and peace on television, in the newspapers and on social media. Some try to
legitimate the war by listing a number of reasons which they provide to justify the act of
killing. Among the reasons for war are the integrity of the country, struggle against terrorism
and colonialism, liberty and independence etc. All of these are of great importance and the
concepts uttered in this context are crucial for the world of man. The widely uttered words
like liberty, independence, colonialism and terror – sometimes utterer by us – are in fact
concepts that require a deep discussion. That’s why these concepts have to be revisited and
thought from different perspectives.
War means the occurrence of a number of destructions in man’s world. The depression
created by war is the cause of irremediable wounds. The families and lives are being
scattered and destroyed. The worst victims of war are children, the old and women. In case of
war, people practice deeds that are “inhumane” or become the victims of such deeds. Perhaps,
war is one of the situations in which the idea of “being human” is examined. Who knows,
maybe, we overestimate the meaning of “being human”.
On the other hand, for those who would like to make war, it is not hard to find necessary
reasons. However, is it really necessary to make war in order to solve the problems? Can’t we
find any other ways to cope with the problems? At this point, can’t we establish permanent
peace to end all wars? Peace looks appropriate for being embraced by many people and
building a ground for living together. Although this is recognized by many, why do people
still prefer to fight? Is war necessary to bring about peace? Is war a solution for the problems
of the world? Why do the states spare big budget for war(s)? Isn’t peace more economical in
this respect? Wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful and inhabitable place if the funds for
war are spent for activities for man carried out in peace and welfare? Can eternal peace be
made possible?
War and peace are two important concepts what we have to face with and to question.
However, this cannot be achieved by vain promises or by the politicians’ use of them as
instruments but by a philosophical perspective. To lay the groundwork for discussion, we
have organized a conference on the theme of “War and Peace”. We argue that the congress
will provide an important view on this subject and a perspective for politics.